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A list of additional requirements for the arbitration Manager can expand

Legal advice 30.10.2018 at 12:37

Legal advice

A Member of the Federation Council Igor Chernyshenko made

proposal to establish a rule according to which the bankruptcy creditor

or the authorized body, being the applicants in the case of bankruptcy,

will be able to nominate the candidacy of the liquidator, another

additional requirement – permanent or preferential residence

on the territory of the Federation at the place of location (residence)

the debtor or its management bodies. It is possible that this requirement

will be able to set the meeting of creditors. Currently, the number

these requirements include, in particular:

, higher

legal or economic education or education

the field corresponding field of activity of the debtor;

there is some work experience at positions of the heads of organizations in the relevant sectors of the economy;


as liquidator of a certain number of procedures,

used in the case of bankruptcy (section 3 of article 20.2 of the Federal law

October 26, 2002 № 127-FZ "On insolvency (bankruptcy)").

it is planned that the self-regulatory organization arbitration

governing mandatory will be composed of managers, constantly

or primarily living on the territory of the Federation

the place of location (residence) of the debtor and (or) controls

the debtor.