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News. Masha Rasputina: "I'm the goat the scapegoat"

Women's magazine Kleo.Ru 29.10.2018 at 09:44

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The Singer made an unexpected confession. Masha said that in fact it is soft and very forgiving. The actress complains that her these weaknesses often are used by others. "I like goat boy" – summed up Rasputin. In a burst of candor, the singer admitted that her scandals with current husband are very loud. It happened that Masha was flying the phone. In anger from such an attitude, she even was going to break up with her husband, but after rapidly cooled, returned to room and, as if nothing had happened, offered to cook him a delicious dessert. Victor Zakharov Rasputin have been together for over 18 years. They have a daughter together and recently the family got a new member – the eldest daughter Rasputina. After the death of the first spouse, the singer finally was able to take her to himself. The girl has mental problems. Because of disorders in the nervous system she has to constantly take drugs and courses of treatment at the clinic. According to Masha, in this state girls are to blame her father. At the time, Lida had refused to live with her mother, and the man was unable to cope with their parental responsibilities. There were rumors that he had molested his own daughter, but Mary, these accusations were denied. She told me that dad really spoiled her, but didn't act physically, but suppressed Lida mentally. Rasputin has told, that now visible improvements already exist, the oldest daughter became involved in home appliances business, show interest to what is happening. Failures she still gets. During these periods, the daughter completely withdraws into himself and doesn't talk to anyone.

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