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A vulnerability in Telegram allows you to read someone else's conversation 31.10.2018 at 13:03

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In the popular Telegram messenger discovered a new vulnerability. This was told by the resource BleepingComputer, with reference to the student-developer of Nathaniel Dry (Nathaniel Suchy).

the Desktop application Telegram doesn't protect your chat history locally and keeps the conversation without encryption in the SQLite database in plain text format. This makes it easy to access someone else's correspondence. Dry managed to find the key to SQLite and got other people's conversations in the form of a simple file. Moreover, the media and the "secret chat" is also stored in an unencrypted database.

Pavel Durov has already responded to the message about the vulnerability. In his opinion, it is "irrelevant" and from a technical point of view boils down to this: "If I had access to Your computer, I would be able to read your messages."