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This nasty pesky measles

Brownie. News. All one tape 30.10.2018 at 13:06


This child, it would seem that disease I have a very adult seriousness. And the reason for it is to have measles in 33 years, as happened to me not too is pleasant. The measles caught up with me on a business trip in the glorious city of Poltava. The sickness during the week, local specialists, infectious disease with my sincere desire to recover as soon as possible - after all, the editorial task was to be fulfilled at any cost... Then everything was like, but, unfortunately, today we learn from media reports about measles outbreaks that in Ivano-Frankivsk where sick at the same time, 53 children, Vinnytsya region, where the sick little more than 30 of our fellow citizens. So, measles is not defeated on Ukrainian territory, once and for all, so it's time to remind what is measles and how to fight it. For help in this matter, we turned to the expert - the doctor-infektsionist Galina V. DOTSENKO.