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BlizzCon 2018: guide

Diablo® III 26.10.2018 at 19:00

In the halls of the exhibition center Anaheim Convention center is in full swing in preparation for the salon, and adventurers can rest assured that they will receive a warm welcome. For fans of the Diablo series, we have prepared a handy guide no matter whether you are watching from home or watching myself.

For the owners of the virtual ticket

You are not going to Anaheim? Nothing to worry about! You will find plenty of entertainment thanks to the virtual ticket for BlizzCon! For guests who missed some of the round tables, and viewers watching the stream from home, we will post all video content on the channel sharing BlizzCon. Electronic gifts and exclusive gifts from the cabin, too, will get to everyone!

to Purchase a virtual ticket

Exclusive pet in Diablo — Minitank

Who needs an angel on your shoulder when you can enlist the help of miniature warlord of demons? Minitank will be happy to keep you company and will collect loot for you. Just don't ask him to play basketball — he's complex about his height.

All round tables and access to the video

the owners of the virtual ticket will be able to watch live streams and videos from BlizzCon, including round tables, exclusive content about the developers, as well as all of the content from the archive BlizzCon 2017!

You arrive at the salon? All holders of passes to BlizzCon will also be able to watch the channel full access, so they don't have to choose between an interesting round tables and eSports competitions.

For guests

Want to meet us at the salon? Below is information on where and when you can communicate to team members the developers of Diablo, play the demo and visit the round tables.

Round tables Diablo: future plans (hall D from 12: 30 to 13:15 local time or 22:30 to 23:15 GMT) Team Diablo will tell what will happen to the heroes of sanctuary. Diablo: the story of the game world and answers to questions (hall D 17: 45 to 18:30 local time or 2:45 to 3:30 GMT) Wait and listen to the devs talk about the Diablo sanctuary, and then the answers to the questions of the players.

Stands Demo version of Diablo III (room D) you do not Have a Nintendo Switch™? Rate the captivating gameplay of Diablo III version Switch directly into the cabin! Hall Horadric Retreat (hall D, demo area Diablo III), Visit the outdoor play area with a Nintendo console Switch, find new friends, play with the developers and just spend time in the wonderful company of players in Diablo! Note: if you are going to bring Nintendo Switch to the salon, prepare for the fact that the entrance will need to show the console in the on state. Also please take into consideration that the entrance with consoles, subjected to modifications not related to the appearance of the device may be prohibited. Exclusive paraphernalia

the guests of BlizzCon will be able to get their encased in armor, hands on exclusive Souvenirs and purchase memorabilia before anyone else! Don't miss your chance to add to your collection these cool items, a limited edition.

the complete edition of Diablo III Eternal Collection for Nintendo Switch For this devilishly stylish Nintendo Switch is not a pity to go to Hell. A limited number of kits will be available at the site of the salon — don't miss your chance! Diablo III: the Eternal Collection, you already Have the console Switch, but you want to pass several portals with us at the salon? Physical copies of Diablo III: Eternal Collection you can buy in the store Gear Store and download shop Nintendo eShop. Note: due to the fact that the network load is expected large, we recommend you to download the game before coming to the salon. Book Adria (The Book of Adria) In the sanctuary is inhabited by dangerous creatures, many of which came straight from Hell. Learn all about the enemies that you encounter in the world of Diablo, from the notes of the witch Adria. Only a week left...

every day is the start date of the largest annual events connected with Blizzard games. We can't wait to see you in Anaheim — both in person and virtual. Get ready for BlizzCon!