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Fireside-the brawl in November of 2018: "Forward to the past!"

Hearthstone® 31.10.2018 at 17:00

Your event Fireside Gathering is a place where you can not only have a great time playing Hearthstone with new friends, but also to participate in Fireside-brawl!

Fireside-the brawl is a special kind of fights, which suit just for the Fireside Gathering. Every month they are different. The whole point is that your opponent is often sitting next to you, so each fight is unique and memorable event!

this month, the fight is called "Forward to the past!"

Wow! This month, the fight was tough! Casamica Currents and the Eternal Currents have joined forces to rectify the anomaly in the temporal stream, while making as few moves as possible.

In this cooperative brawl you have to play pre-assembled decks of the standard format. Players try on the role of Casamica Currents and the Eternal Currents, together with a friend to win a temporal anomaly. Well, or at least to show on the playing field, a stunning combination that denies all the laws of time!

Use unique maps that distort time to the beginning of the next match to favorable conditions. Your goal is to defeat the anomaly, and then their nefarious leader, Anomalous Rex, making as few turns as possible. Your future self then you'll thank your past "I" that allowed the real "I" to minimum score maximum score!

do Not forget that each Fireside-the brawl only lasts for a month, so to participate in the brawl, "Forward into the past!", you can only in November and only at an official event Fireside Gathering!

the innkeepers note: in the scuffle "Forward to the past!" there is a score counter is a great opportunity to get a leaderboard and make it the most adventurous time travelers!

to Find the Fireside Gathering

the innkeepers! You have to prepare!

Fireside-the brawl is a great reason to make a Fireside Gathering every month. Or even three times a month! We have prepared materials that will add fire to your meeting: the job log, which you will be able to ask guests purpose in the game, table, tournament, round Robin, and even a special raffle for a Fireside Gathering.

On a blank page you can add anything you want.

the Bulletin Board of the owner of the tavern Bulletin Board the owner of the tavern of a Universal set a Universal set Empty Empty job log the job log Tournament on circular system: 4 player Tournament round-Robin system: 4 player Tournament on circular system: 5 players of the Tournament on circular system: 5 players Lottery Fireside Gathering: blank page Lottery Fireside Gathering: empty page

Thank you for being with us! See you in the tavern!