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MComp 01.11.2018 at 20:52

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Modern service centers on repair of smartphones to provide quality services should be equipped with the best equipment for the job. On the website purchase machines and tools at very competitive price. But most importantly, this online shop offers original and high-quality equipment of centers for the provision of repair services of any equipment, including smartphones. The site provides a wide range of this type of product, then you can order not only tools and equipment but also spare parts for smartphones and tablets. The company Master Club carries on long enough and have managed to gain leading positions in the market, it has a great reputation and the best feedback from regular customers. The company offers favorable terms to purchase goods and sign contracts on cooperation with service centers.

the Variety of soldering stations

On the pages of the website have a wide selection of different kind of special commodity, in great demand, especially use of the soldering station. Company MC offers several varieties of this type of equipment, each of them has its own advantages and specifications. Choose a soldering station based on personal preferences in work, convenience, habit, and depending on those or other technical operations that must be performed with their help.

in order to properly and correctly select the equipment, you need to know the classification is:

— the Most common form of soldering is of contact type. At its core is a modern soldering iron equipped with a thermostat and able to work on the solders of tin-lead or just on the tin.

— digital Soldering iron. This station is more practical and is characterized in that its heat gets through the work of the PID switch, which constantly monitors the temperature of the tip.

— Induction type soldering iron, its functionality depends on the operation of the induction coil.

— Rework station with an infrared emitter.

— Equipment with the presence of the hair dryer allows you to perform a large amount of work on the same part.

— the Station of the combined type.

in Addition to this equipment on the site, you can purchase additional tools and equipment that will significantly improve the quality of the work.

you can Purchase on the website by ordering on the phone, which is listed, or fill out an application online.