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"Before was better": the Blogger described how "falling apart" Subaru XV

MComp 01.11.2018 at 23:49

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Autoblogger openly spoke about the shortcomings of the legendary SUV Subaru XV, 2012. After 6 years, this car simply began to "fall apart".

For Subaru XV for "secondary housing", in excellent condition and no problems with the documents, will have to pay 800-900 thousand rubles at a time, as the price tag on a new car in the maximum configuration reaching almost 2 000 000. And, according to the blogger, even for the money the interior is extremely cheap, at the level of the KIA Rio and Hyundai Solaris: "Plastic is just awful and cheap. Noise and scratched incredibly, how so? Simple, wooden interior".

On the back of a used crossover you can find a lot of chips and scuffs on the hood, although his mileage is only a little over 100,000 miles. The paintwork is extremely thin rust the car is really too fast. And if the external strain to justify how it is possible, then causes corrosion in the engine compartment blogger frankly incomprehensible. Head optics over 6 years of operation have melted, the ceiling dimmed and the situation can be corrected only by fully replacing the headlights.

In General, shortcomings is really too much, the motorist finds that Subaru deliberately downgraded the quality of the car, changing the vector of development of the brand in the direction of American Housewives: "Housewives don't need good plastic in the cabin, some high-speed data adequate or comfort. It is more important than just security, that Subaru and spoils what they were. It was better before. Because if you want to buy a XV – I recommend to pay extra and get Subaru Forester".

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