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Underground in Russian: Concept LADA Granta RED-Line street racing showed in

MComp 02.11.2018 at 03:50

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On the Internet actively discussed the prototype sedan LADA Granta RED-Line. The audience surprised a bright car, and wants to see it on sale.

netizens responded positively to the concept of LADA Granta RED-Line. The audience liked her slightly aggressive and dark style of the car. Fans of street racing I think that the sedan with such appearance will attract the attention of street racers. Because of the neon illumination, the prototype was nicknamed "the Underground in Russian."

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In social networks, motorists continue to demand the abolition of the vehicle tax and criticize the "Avtodor".

According to the idea of independent designers, sedan LADA Granta RED-Line got low ground clearance, and put on the drives, like the Vesta Sport. However, the virtual concept of "rollers" bordered red stripe. Red accents can be seen on the door sills, side mirrors, bumper and the headlights of the car.

overall, the LADA Granta RED-Line looks very impressive, however, "AVTOVAZ" still says nothing about this version of the budget sedan. Note that the authors of the concept did not say anything about the technical part of the car, but it should match the appearance of the vehicle. That is, if such a machine appeared in the reality, its underhood space would have to radically change. Anyway, the audience liked the sedan LADA Granta RED-Line, and he would like to Granta received a production version.

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