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Died Vladislav Kungurov, who created the genre of "poems-pies"

MComp 02.11.2018 at 06:11

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St. Petersburg writer Vladislav Kungur was famous for introduction to literature a new and unusual genre, which he submitted in 2003, published a cycle of his poems called "Cakes".

In the social network Vkontakte in one of the public communities called "Pies+" was released information that the writer Vladislav Kungurov died. Small literary genre "Pies" appeared 15 years ago with the publication of a collection of quatrains kungurova with the same name. In creating their short quatrains the writer used chetyrehstopnym pentameter without using any punctuation marks and capital letters.

Created by Kungurova genre has become quite popular in various social networks, where users come up with their works, using experience Vladislav. Note, in the community in social network "Vkontakte" was previously announced the collection of funds for treatment of the writer, however, the exact cause of death kungurova was not disclosed.

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