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The questions we get

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 01.11.2018 at 11:50

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

Just a couple of days ago I again was faced with the common question like "What kind of modulator is most suitable in this disease." In this case, it was about psoriasis.

And no matter how much we repeated that unimodularity is not a therapeutic agent that healing effect that we observe when interacting with them, it is the result of a gradual reduction in the order of the human body and, primarily, on the energy level, similar questions were asked and will ask.

Well, to us remains nothing how to answer them.

so, about psoriasis.

at first sight, this skin disease. But we already know that skin diseases do not happen. Any skin disease is a manifestation of internal problems.

That is necessary to treat the underlying cause. To be smeared with ointments and tinctures completely useless. Is it just to relieve external symptoms. And even then I'm not sure if any effective means of external application for psoriasis.

there is no doubt that the cause of this disease is the failure of the immune system. And if so, it is necessary to restore its work and boost immunity. When we are able to achieve this, the organism itself will understand what to do next.

I Can give you my personal example.

once upon a time, before the modulators, I suddenly have a so-called photodermatosis. This is a reaction to the sun appear on the skin redness, rashes which are itchy. Basically it is the area of the neck, excluding eye and a little on my hands.

Imagine, I grew up in the Crimea, that is, in theory, to the sun, my skin should be fine. In addition, every year I went to Evpatoria to parents in the summer. The situation is not pleasant because it is clear that from the sun I can't go anywhere. I even sewed a few bluzochek with stand-up collar and short sleeves to cover the neck and arms. External stiralki only helped to relieve the discomfort.

the Doctors really didn't offer anything, but some of them said the magic word IMMUNITY. Had to raise the immunity that I'm the oldest to do so. As a result, photodermatosis passed (TTT). What worked - I don't know, but the thing that worked.

the Club has a positive experience with psoriasis. Mostly people worked with Briz-7 and, of course, had necessarily individual modulator.

Remember one a very serious case.

Wrote his wife about the state of her husband when she had to change twice a day he linen since he was not just psoriasis, weeping psoriasis (can, in medical terminology it is called somehow in another way). Helped a little trip to the sea, but not very long.

now, after working with the Briz-7 the situation is radically changed. It was all dried up, turned pale, and in some places spots even disappeared.

it Was a long time ago, the details I don't remember, and the notebook where everything was written down, sank into oblivion.

But now, this is not important.

most Importantly, we understood that the cause of any disease is on the energy, or more precisely, on the energy level.

Why is it often helps the modulator to handle even with chronic diseases or at least reduce their appearance?

Yes, precisely because they create conditions for the recovery of energy or in other words, energy-exchange person at all levels.

All internal systems react to it immediately! And immune including.

of Course, in the first place begin to recover the weakest links in the body. This is best "know" our control structures. They have everything laid out on shelves and ranked by priority and time - when and what should be put in order.

How quickly will this process depends on the initial state.

What exactly will work in a particular case, we cannot say. The important thing is that we got relief.

will there be a full recovery depends on us.

If we have received the relief, relax, and stop there, then soon things can return to normal.


it's very simple. Unimodular gave us kind of a head start in improving the condition in time, but he can't keep us in a resourceful state of mind without our help indefinitely!

What we can to help him and myself?

Again, outrageously simple!

you just Have to look at your life on all eight areas and try to fix what has led to tragic consequences.

so, it is necessary sagasti yourself the following questions.

►What I've done/doing this, what brought me to the present state of Affairs - and so for each area. Use to help balance wheel.

►I can change, so that the situation does not worsen - analysis for each area. In fact, at this stage, you formuliruete certain goal or objective in every area of his life.

►What steps I am willing to take in the near future to change the situation - for each area, but it's one of the most important tasks in a particular area.

- in the first 24 hours,

- in the first week,

in the first month.

Our goal is to change the lifestyle, the worldview that led to the current not a very good situation for those who will cease to be harmful to our health - not only physical.

this will be our assistance to unimodular, but most of all, yourself.

But it may happen that the modulator need help, but the man continued "ugliness to violate" a favorite expression of Yuri Mikhailovich.

is it Possible in this case to hope for lasting and sustainable results from the interaction with EM?

No, you cannot, because the resources of the person are not infinite! A modulator is not a magic wand and not a generator of immortality!

If you for some reason are unable to take advantage of the odds, the benefits, who generously gave you the modulator, and nothing in itself does not change, we do not say that the device does not work!

PS Remember the case when one young man tried on the second day, that the Torch has freed his beer addiction? But at the same time to change the way zhini didn't want to what. Very instructive story. She's somewhere on the forum.

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