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The action "Holiday discounts" in November

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 01.11.2018 at 15:11

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

The Action "Holiday discounts"!

, according to tradition, Nov we have a month holiday. We used to celebrate any anniversary of the revolution, now is the Day of national unity.

And therefore declared the action "Holiday discounts".

You urge to be more active!

Remember, what you need, you and your family, and your friends.

do Not think that they are not willing to accept this information.

do Not decide for them!

How many times have we heard the words, said with bitterness: "Why did I not know about this!?"

do Not deprive people of the opportunity to change their lives.

Now it's time to change!

Change itself - help another!

As the saying goes, you will be fat PLUS in karma )

so, the action "Holiday discounts November!"

the Promotion is valid for guests and club members and partners store

►For active members of the club is their personal club discounts cumulative discounts on this promotion.

►For Partners on our online store conditions are similar - their affiliate discount 10% added to discount under this promotion.

►For guests - the discount for this promotion will be deducted from the base price.

the Detailed conditions of the action "Holiday discounts" are presented in two tables below, one of which (table 1) for guests, and the second (table 2) - the value of discounts.

the price Calculation for guests of the club: the base cost of the modulator minus the discount (see table 1). Pricing for partners online store: base price modulator minus 10% minus the discount for this promotion (see table 2). That is, the discount affiliate added to discount under this promotion and all this is subtracted from the base cost!

the calculation of the price for club members: the base price minus a discount club member minus the link for this promotion (see table 2). That is a discount club member added to discount under this promotion and all this is subtracted from the base cost! We remind you that from 1 till 15 Dec acts another action - "donate your modulator second life"

On this promotion you can exchange for super-preferential terms, at half the price (50% of the base cost) of those modulators, the appearance of which has suffered over the years with them.

read More about the campaign "Second life" >>

TABLE 1 - cost of EM for guests.

the Name of unimodular base price RUB.

Value subject to holiday discounts, RUB

Individual: breeze-3, breeze-4, Torch, the nymph of the individual, the centaur (EM months), Tigris individual, the Pilot, Spring ind., Svyatogor, KIT-4 2520,0 2310,0

Wall - /table-Nymph, Tigris, Spring 2520,0 2310,0

Unimodularity breeze, a unicorn, a Jaguar 3780,0 3360,0

EM breeze-7

7560,0 6720,0

Individual inomoderator Fairy, Phoenix 6300,0 5670,0

EM Owl, Sail 12600,0 11130,0

Inomoderator Octopus - protection from the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation 840,0 714,0

TABLE 2 - size discounts

the Name of modulators of Holiday discounts in KE - club units

Discount in rubles

EM individual: breeze-3, breeze-4, Torch, the centaur (EM months), Tigris individual, the Pilot, Spring ind., Svyatogor, KIT-4 5 KE of 210.0

EM Tigris , table 5 Spring KE of 210.0

EM breeze, a unicorn, a Jaguar 10 KE 420,0

uh Board of Briz-7 ("Board")

20 KE 840,0

EM individual Fairy, Phoenix 15 KE 630,0

EM Owl, Sail a 35 KE 1470,0

EM Octopus 3 KE 126,0

Become a member of our club can be anyone who have at least one EM Infotech or three of EM Octopus!

You need only announce their desire to our office by one of the news channels.

to Become a partner store here >>

If you have something does not work, have a look here, here everything is written in detail - How to become a partner store >>

don't forget to tell about our Holiday promotions to their family and friends, and give them a chance to change your life.

the Action "Holiday discounts" are valid until November 31! If You have questions, please call

(495) 502-5944 , 8 916 650 9349.

We are always happy to see You! Your KEITH.

you can place your ORDER >>

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