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The Japanese authorities are preparing to megasellers

NEWS PLANET 03.11.2018 at 17:27

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A Government Commission of Japan recently developed a plan to rescue citizens in case of an incredibly powerful earthquake in the area of the fault by Nanka near the Pacific coast of the country. The plan was presented to the public.

the statement pointed out that the slightest abnormal phenomena meteorological Directorate is obliged to inform the people. The article includes a few scenes of the disaster. One involves the shift about 50% of the focal region and the pushing force of 8 points, and the second a seven-point earthquake in a partial shift.

In the first embodiment, when the tsunami will hit all citizens after a warning immediately evacuated, and the second gets the location of the nearest shelters and hiding on a voluntary basis. People also need to attach all the furniture in the house, so that she did not rise up.

In December, the Commission will prepare a report on the given theme and will send the adopted regulations to companies and citizens.

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