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As machine learning for YouDo is heading into production. Lecture Yandex

Habrahabr / Interesting / topical publications 04.11.2018 at 08:00

Interesting publishing of thematic hubs on habrahabr

In major services to solve any task using machine learning means to perform only part of the job. Embed the ML-model is not so simple, and to establish them around CI/CD processes even more difficult. At the conference Yandex "Data & Science: the program requests the" head of data science at the company YouDo Adam Eldarov told about how to manage the lifecycle of the models to configure the processes geobotany and retraining, to develop scalable microservices and many other things.

— let's Start with an introduction. Is data scientist, it in Jupyter Notebook he wrote some code that makes the feature engineering, cross validation trains the model. Soon growing. Read more →