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When cancel sign Spikes

Legal advice 02.11.2018 at 09:39

Legal advice

Departments have already agreed on a draft resolution of the government of that

will eliminate the sign of "Spikes" of traffic Rules. This is stated in

the answer of the Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Mikhail Vanichkin

a parliamentary inquiry.

Recall that this sign appeared in the SDA in

the Soviet years. And then it was a necessity. Spikes flew out of the tires

and could damage the glass behind of the car. Besides,

braking performance on giavanni tire was much better. [Newline] this means that whoever rides in the back without thorns, have to keep a large


But technology has gone far ahead, and now

the braking performance of studded and studless tire is not much

different. So the need for this sign anymore. However,

last year for his absence began to actively penalize drivers.

it Happened because it, along with the sign "novice driver"

made mandatory.