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What laws will be taken following the results of monitoring enforcement for 2017

Legal advice 02.11.2018 at 13:04

Legal advice


the Government of the Russian Federation was published today on his official website. He

is devoted to the results of the monitoring of law enforcement in Russia in 2017,

the Cabinet should be held annually.

Reported that

2017 and the first half of 2018, the Federal authorities promptly

has developed a draft NPA on research on law enforcement

practices. During this period, took 578 of the acts, and the most active

developed legislation in the field of anti-corruption,

the safe functioning of the organizations of defense industry,

nuclear, chemical and fuel and energy complexes of the country,

critical infrastructure and transport infrastructure.


on a significant number of existing acts, plans and the future

adjustments, in particular, legislation on corruption. Thus, the Cabinet

pointed to the need for concretization of the concept of "adequate information"

which is used when conducting inspections of compliance costs,

persons holding public positions, their income. Today

the basis for the decision on the beginning of control is such

information (part 1 of article 4 of the Federal law of 3 December 2012 No.

230-FZ "On control over compliance costs of persons holding

public office and other persons to their income"). However, in practice,

as detailed in the report, this concept is uncertain, as in

the law does not set criteria for the recognition of information as sufficient.