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How many Russians overpay for housing

Question - answer - Legal advice 02.11.2018 at 05:44

Question - answer - Legal advice

National average when buying a home mortgage additionally,

to the price of the apartment has to pay more 27,38 percent, found

appraisers FinExpertiza in the study. Nearly a third of

the final cost of housing is deposited in banks in the form of interest on the loan.


all in the country, "Supplement to the price of" the inhabitants of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug,

Magadan oblast and the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district - 11,81; 13,04 and

13.67 percent, respectively. The TOP 3 regions with the largest

"surcharge" compared to the independent accumulation entered Primorsky

edge (49,65%), Nizhny Novgorod oblast (44,17%) and

the Chechen Republic (43,07). The size of these percent is directly associated with

what term the people of the region take the credit. Less than have

to pay those who credited the Bank for a short period. [Newline] the final price, of course, depends on mortgage rates in the region.


by the way, the study shows that delayed sale

allows you to save nearly thirty percent of its value, says

Alexey Baskakov, head of the appraisal Department of the company

FinExpertiza. However, it requires a huge organization and financial

discipline. While mandatory payment on the mortgage stimulates

responsibility, otherwise the borrower to face fines and penalties. In addition,

loans allow you to freeze the existing conditions of purchase of apartments: it

price, mortgage rate. And improvements to adjust to the

example, to refinance a loan. "This is very positive

react," - said Alexey Baskakov.