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So different are the Mongolian

Shnyaga.No - educational-entertainment blog 04.11.2018 at 19:30

Shnyaga.No, informative and entertaining blog

#the people of the Mongols is one of the oldest peoples of the Earth. Traditional Mongolian education presents classical civilization, the nomadic way of life, religion of Buddhism and shamanism, and of course the Mongolian language.

the Girl needs to be responsive, able at one glance to understand the state of loved ones and act accordingly. Taught that rudeness is incompatible with femininity; brought up to be cautious, careful. Said she was destined to become a woman, to give life, and protecting them, protect the future; to be polite, respectful.

Parents will share their duties on education of children and instill in them from early childhood, love of work. Children from an early age, barely starting to walk, bring in the Yurt ARGAL, set the table, brought senior food. Children aged 4-5 years have helped on the farm, thus acquiring pastoral skills. Ail HII Hoon boldog, ar Dave more boldog – committed work becomes a man, and overcome the pass becomes a horse; archiv surfear, barhigh sur – better learning skills than whims.