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A little truth about life in the United States from an immigrant from Russia

Shnyaga.No - educational-entertainment blog 04.11.2018 at 19:31

Shnyaga.No, informative and entertaining blog

#USA for a year as live in new York and want to share with you, dear former compatriots, some of the nuances of my life. More focus on employment opportunities, paid for the most primary work on arrival here and prices here.

let's Start with the airport.

At U.S. airports designed a very handy thing.

every restaurant airport of new York on the table there are tablets with full access to anything, and to every separate place at the table.

you Can read the news to kill time in the game, to take the children's cartoon, it does not put their gadgets, which may have to work a very long time.

Available tablets have only ordered food.

side by side are located the connectors for charging phones tablets.

the Accommodation at first.

Night cost 38$, that is 532$ for 14 days. To tell you honestly, this hostel was the worst in the history of my travels: a dirty kitchen, a lot of strange food in the shared fridge, rooms without air-conditioning cabinets (things under the bed, yeah). Chose a room on the first floor, you also always suggest.

Summary: this hostel sucks, but I only slept there. No parties, gatherings, etc. was conducted.

Now about to eat.

Like restaurants Ala all inclusive in the United States.

They evoke memories of childhood trips to Egypt or Turkey, where the eyes were rounded from the amount of food on the tables. I ate, ate, ate again, and then took the food to the room and ate just beforehand.

Here pay 10-15$ and eat what they want and how they want.

this is Usually the institution that is Asian cuisine: sushi, seafood, desserts, ice cream.

Just the price of food in a cheap supermarket. Strawberry road, but now is not the season.

after Moving to the United States, I clearly decided for myself that I will exercise and eat right. Otherwise, everything could end badly for your figure and health in General.

Medicine in America is very expensive, so the guy from Russia must be strong and healthy)

Before you my usual Breakfast: porridge with banana, bagel with cream cheese (remember this with salmon in Peter?) and freshly squeezed orange juice. Came out to 18$ (1100r.)

the Bread, as says the store owner, non-GMO and chemical additives.

Hello from mother Russia.

Shop in Brighton beach.

Stew "Highest grade", on the bottom shelf - 7.99$ (480p.), middle and top shelf for 3.99$ (240r.).

Grandmother sell cakes with different fillings, baked probably, old, once well-established pattern. They say everything in Russian.

Delicious, took a couple with a taste remember the cakes that I baked for my grandmother. Of course, the pies my grandmother out of the competition.

the Prices in dollars, the filling is provided in the Russian language, on the regular small pieces of paper.

the Steak for 9.79$.

1 lb (0.45 kg) comes 13.99$ (about 938r.).

the Meat in America is expensive, I indulge myself periodically. Fry in the pan, sorry not at home on the grill.

a delicious steak. True.

Beer, one of the nicest but cheap. price for 6 bottles.

the Comparison of McDonald's in new York and St. Petersburg.

With a friend of mine from the cultural capital of Russia decided to try to do a little comparison food in one of the most popular fast food restaurants.

it would Seem that McDonald's - a global network, some standards of quality, the prices are likely to also must be somehow comparable.

From the menu chose the big Mac (classic), 6 nuggets, medium fries, medium coke, two sauces. Looking ahead, I took one sauce, they go for free in the United States.

so, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Moskovskaya metro station. The same McDonald's right at the stop 39 bus to the airport Pulkovo.

a big Mac - 130p.; Ms. Kola - 60p.; Ms. potato - 50p.; 6 nuggets - 105r., to the nuggets for the shares on the sauce for just 5P.; the sauce for the potatoes - 20p.

the Result: 370r. (including VAT 56,44 R.).

USA, new York, Manhattan.

a big Mac - 4.99$; Ms. Kola - 2.49$; Ms. fries - 2.49$; 6 nuggets - 3.69$, the nuggets sauce for free.

Total: 13.25$ (including tax 1.08$). About 901 of the ruble.

the Taste quality, we compare the failed. I'm sure the taste is about the same (on the assurances of friends in Russia tastier). The prices are directly compared not propose to do that on the salary of an employee McDonald's. In new York, she is about 13$ per hour, in St. Petersburg about 160r for the same period of time.

Therefore, to buy one lunch in new York need to work one hour, in about two hours and 20 minutes.

And of course prices for the new IPhones. The final price at the bottom of the picture, at the top of the initial payment in the loan installments for 24 months. Here, too, enough idiots who take the smartphone on credit.

"Jack in the box" - the fast-food chain in the United States, is quite popular.

America - a kaleidoscope of ethnic dishes. Here are combined the two most popular: American and Mexican. On my tray of tacos, a Burger, churros (sweet pastries) and fries with a Cola (where do without them?).

the Combination of a hell, very bold and American. I paid 11.30$ Razik ate and now for a very long time will not return.

the Gasoline is from 2.5$ per gallon (3.8 litres) or higher. That's about 0.66 cents a litre in recalculation on roubles at the rate of about 45 R/L. could Not resist, moved.

a Very interesting point: if you are paying cash, then gasoline is cheaper.

I showed fuel prices in new York, there is about$ 4 per gallon. All right, the people in the White Mountains to work and earn less.

Now, while the primary work.

This specially trained person - sign holder. Here they are called of the sign holder.

Work is to keep the sign with the announcement. Paid 13$/hour.

it is Seen that the photo professional: listening to music, talking with friends on social networks while working and receives a salary. Handsome.

the photo dog walker - a person whose job it is to dogs.

Very popular job in new York, even on mobile devices there are a couple of applications with which you can work for yourself.

at the same time This guy walks 6 dogs, they usually walk through the Park. Americans love their Pets, and time in the paddock, often simply do not have, so the only way out is to pay 15-20$ per hour for walking your dog. It's in the city had just opened the door and the dog was sent to walk, the evening she'll be back)

This guy has about$ 40 an hour, walking 6 dogs at once, his job also included cleaning the streets of wastes. In a week you can earn up to$ 1000, walking with the dogs. Dream job?

When new York starts to rain, folks with an entrepreneurial streak take to the streets.

They know that the rain will start, so I picked up a pack of umbrellas, and standing in crowded places on the street.

the Umbrella is worth 5-10$, is going well. American, even if his home 5 umbrellas, buy a sixth, the main thing - do not get wet and no matter how much it costs.

One of the most popular types of work - Pedicab Driver (pedicab, or Bicycle taxi). I decided to take a small interview, as this is quite an interesting and lucrative occupation. Then I - (I) the driver - (C).

-(me) Hey how much is this wonderful vehicle?

-(In) New you can buy for 5000-6000$ or used for 2000-3000$.

-(I) Good price, it is possible to buy a car. Where they are stored?

-(To) Store them in Manhattan, in a special underground Parking for$200/month.

-(I) If I have no money to buy a pedicab, can I rent?

-(C) of Course, almost no one owns them, all rented to others at a price of 150-200$ a week.

-(I) the Business is seasonal, as I understand it. When is the season?

-(In) the Season starts in may and ends in December, this time tourists in new York come to a lot, especially in summer: from June to September, when we have the large volume of work. In winter no work at all, since in winter snow and it is impossible to work.

-(I) What else do I need to start working, in addition to pedicab and desire to work?

-(In) You definitely need a driver's license U.S. or license of your country, certified by the Consulate. So basically all you are ready to work!

-(I) How much does it cost to ride the pedicab?

-(a) In General there are two kind of trips. First: you take a tour in Central Park, the usual tour is from 120 to 165$ for three people for 1 hour. Second: you take a trip as a taxi ride through the city in the streets, 3 to 7$ in 1 minute.

-(I) Wow, it's not cheap.

How many driver can earn in a day? What day is good, and what is generally good?

-(In) a Good day to us is 500-700$ and above, price for 3-4 tours in Central Park. A normal day for us is about 300-400$ that it will come down.

-(I) What should I know when beginning only to work in this business? What you need to have advantages over others? You know, for example, you need to know at least the history of the city and its attractions.

-(C) Yes, to earn more you need to be in this job, talkative, know all attractions of the city and its history, as tourists came in order to obtain as much information about this city. You need good street to be able to speak English at least well and in reserve to have another(ie) languages, because not all tourists speak English and will be very grateful if you make them tour in their native language.

a Little about mobile communications.

the Main players of the mobile market is Verizon, Sprint, T-mobile and AT&T. I Have AT&T data plan called Unlimited Internet for$ 60 (3720r.) per month. Know what is salt? The Internet is still limited: 20 GB, then the speed reduction. To purchase a package of Internet impossible to creep with speed of a turtle on sites. In General, the rate is 65$, discount$ 5 for AutoPay, but the tax still throws$ 5 back, so 65$.

you can Also purchase a family plan where you can team up with loved ones, family, friends. Will was 4 devices, each will ask for$40.

the Whole of America is full of advertising, here and the bus advertise a job in a taxi.

Promise to earn in the first month 7000$ (434t.R.) for the first month, working 45 hours a week when you want or 180 hours per month. Out of the 39$/hour (2420r.).

This is a very good money. Even for such an expensive city like new York, some office clerks nervously Smoking in aside.

Now, about the penalties.

I was Driving home on my bike at the Central Park, in front is a police car. The light was red, but all the cyclists on it slipped. I also decided to do so, and ran a red light right in front of the police car.

I drove and heard the sound of a siren with the speaker's voice: "Bicyclist, pull over please." To tempt fate I did not and stopped. COP tells me why they say ran a red light right in front of me? "I'm so sorry, I was listening to music and didn't notice the red light and it's also freezing I'm riding home." - I say. Of course, he listened to me, but that weak excuse didn't help. Policeman fined, and added: "Don't ignore red light and please get home safe".

And now look at the ticket: red light for a cyclist costs$ 190 (11800r.). For machines 278$ (17300r.) for the first violation, 463$ (28700r.) for the second and 1028$ (64000r.) for the third time, if you haven't learned from their mistakes.

now the most interesting thing about fines: some drivers may not pay for them.

the fact that all go to DMV (Department of transport, the equivalent of our traffic police) and say they are not guilty. The case is sent to court for the hearings, which are prescribed after 6 months. At the hearing you Express your point of view, your Sheriff, and on this basis make decisions.

here are two favorable variant of development of events for the offender:

1) the Referee may stand on your side and reject the penalty.

2) the Sheriff who pulled you over, just does not come to the meeting. No Sheriff, no foul. Fine just cancel. This happens often enough, the odds are 50/50.

that's what I did, I was assigned to the court. When it comes to the time of the hearing you can make another knight's move: to inform you that you can't arrive at the hearing. Then the trial was postponed for another 6 months and in this case, the chances that the Sheriff will not come about 95% (I really hope). This is America.

is it Possible now in Russia to buy a fashionable bitcoins, I don't know. Here it is possible. Photo Bitcoin Atm, it is possible to purchase bacony. Generally there are not very many in Manhattan are worth a couple of.

You know what is depicted in the photo? No? And if you say that this is the Muscle Beach Gym? This is the place, where was Arnold Schwarzenegger.

the People here very much who trains hard and who just visits this place from the point of view of history.

And absolutely not scary that the equipment is already battered, in some places with rust. The entrance is not free: the day costs$ 10, week$ 50 and a year of$170.

One of the types of employment of players.

Usually, in such places are Arabs who sell Halal food. Hot dogs, rice with chicken, kebabs, falafel.

I stopped eating such food haven. It's cheap, about 6$ for a bowl of rice with chicken. The price of hot dogs depends on the location: times square$ 3 in less crowded places is$ 1. Stake in the same range.

When you come to new York, you must go and try. To find these points easily, they are at every step. Cheap, no queues. Clean happy next.

The Home Depot.

It is widely known in the USA trading network of construction materials, can be compared to Leroy Merlin in Russia. One of our subscribers asked the question on this store and asked to go there, which I did.

The Home Depot is the world's largest network for the sale of goods for repair. The stores is huge, a lot of buyers.

the prices of the goods you can see for yourself in the photos, snapped several. Prices are higher than in Russia, but a nice bonus - credit program from the store: credit of up to 24 months if closed within 6 months, the percentage will be zero.

In the halls there are computers where you can find the right product and order it home right from the store. Americans, even if they came into the store, much easier to order through a computer than to roam the halls.

delivery within Manhattan starts from 21$, plus extra for second mover, delivery time, travel outside Manhattan, and if you need a large bed or wardrobe that won't fit in a regular van for the delivery will ask for 45$. It's expensive to ship, really. You can easily order the delivery of the Uber, and the driver calmly delivered, cheaper than the official website (only in reasonable dimensions).

Sometimes I go to swim in one of the pools in the sports centre.

it Looks like in schools, is quite simple, with lockers in two levels. Swim anyone, there is no doctor who will examine you, just pay 3$ (189r.) and swim in pleasure.

When I worked in Russia and in the pool, remember, we are constantly checked by a doctor, had to provide references, be sure to check for shower gel and sponges.

In America, in the pool, can swim, even a homeless person who has a $ 3. Scared to catch something, to confess.

And the roll - shower, where you're forever trying to catch warm water, pouring either boiling water or water-ice.

Public pool, what can I say.

After the pool, many people usually like to take something like this smoothie ($9) and bar (3$), sometimes some fruit type banana.

of Course, I tried them, but I still have a snack closer to physical activity than any dairy.

and finally, the negatives... Oh, sorry, negative))

African Americans, they're AfroReggae in the slang of young white people.

As you can see, a favorite place of their gatherings - small shops, which are called "Delhi". They sell cigarettes, candy, water, soda, other small things. Ala store 24 hours in Russia.

So these guys are going every day and spend time near the store, gave music to the fullest, putting one or even two columns. Believe me, their playlist heard on the street. Imagine a shop? But, unfortunately, nothing anyone can do about it.

caps On them, half-mast pants, sneakers 4 sizes bigger dreads is their style. They shout, joke, laugh loudly, harass passersby and smoke pot.

When I see these group of, uh, just quickly pass by, not paying attention, because I know that they ask a trifle, a cigarette, or a camera phone to phone, just like in the late nineties-early two thousand in my hometown. Of course, I'm sure to hear: "Shit, yo, what's up my nigga".

Just ugh, no comment. They are in every city. Again, nothing to do, just close your eyes.

is not to dwell about the terrible, very last... Regular ice-cream van in new York. Prices from 3 to$ 5 per serving. Always delicious, taste of the St. Petersburg ice cream from my childhood.