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On his head... 7 in-salon treatment that only hurt the beauty of

Shnyaga.No - educational-entertainment blog 04.11.2018 at 19:33

Shnyaga.No, informative and entertaining blog


Today, the salon treatments are extremely popular, because there's so many new opportunities to become even more beautiful! Neither the pain nor the price can't stop us on the path to perfection. But is it all rosy in reality?

the Procedure of beauty, which make it worse

If you have decided that cosmetic manipulation is good for you, then we have to upset you... After all many of your favorite treatments actually harm your appearance, although at first you do not notice the effect.

We have prepared for you useful information, so please read before you run to the beautician again!

the Build-up and eyelash Perm

With eyelash using a special glue, which in the future may cause conjunctivitis, native eyelashes thinned and the restoration of healthy cilia will take about a year.

• Some girls prefer to do the Curling of the eyelashes, lamination. That is to say, procedures which use high temperatures and powerful chemicals severely damage the structure of the hair.

the Decision: it is better to use natural remedies — castor oil, almond oil and a quality mascara. For a special evening you can always use false eyelashes, but for everyday makeup it is possible to paint eyelashes with henna.

Gel nail

Now it is very hard to find girls who would not benefit from this beauty procedure. However, remember that these varnishes contain formaldehyde, acetone, phthalates. These substances adversely affect the health of the respiratory system, and also make the nails brittle, and eventually you won't even be able to grow normal nails.

• note that many celebrities like Kate Middleton, uses a conventional clearcoat.

If you're not going to say goodbye to this procedure, make sure that the master carefully sterilize their tools.

Chemical peeling

Slogans beauty salons usually are convinced that this procedure will erase instantly ten years from your face. And still you are guaranteed a smooth natural tone and skin color, healthy glow.

• But it is important to know that the phenol is part of the chemical exfoliation is very toxic. This procedure often becomes the cause of rosacea, because the thinner top layer of the skin and provokes the appearance of cold sores.


Fashion doll-face pushes the girls to make these spooky beauty injections. If you have already decided on this step, make sure that the procedure conducted by a very experienced specialist!

• At the slightest mistake, the injection of hyaluronic acid can develop lumps under the skin, swelling as if bruised.

the Cosmetic thread

This procedure aims to lift and rejuvenate the skin. However, few people know that immediately after the procedure, the skin bruised. After some time the thread is torn under the skin, as a result, it appears the lumps.

• If a cosmetologist is not experienced, you may get a pinched facial nerve. Isn't it better to take care of skin naturally doing exercises for the face and a firming mask.


unlike the tattooed eyebrows, in this case, the master draws hairs each. However, after the first treatment, the pigment is quickly lost, and to make another correction, you can only in a month.

• anyway, you still need to draw eyebrows every day, whether to undergo this procedure? Better to find the perfect tone pencil or use paint for the eyebrows.

the Waxing of the nose...

This procedure is done by both men and women, because beauty should be bald. The doctors strictly advise not to remove the hairs from the nose.

• the Hairs in the nose do not grow just because it is a natural filter against infection, germs and dust. Leave the hair at least there is a strong defense of the body.

best buy trimmer for nose, but to remove the hairs from the root danger!

Treatments for smooth hair

the Lamination, keratin cocktail for hair promise you instant results — beautiful, smooth hair, as in advertising.

• Formaldehyde, which is the main component for these masks. This substance irritates mucous membranes, affects the nervous system and internal organs.

But if you are not afraid, just know that the effect from this procedure will last a maximum of 2 weeks. Clients say that the hair become more dull and brittle after such manipulations. So choose for yourself.

• it is Better to use hair straighteners are available in combination with protective agents. And not to forget a nutritious masks.