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About "guides" and people. Patagonia in January 2018. Dagestan, October 2018

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All about extreme sports - BASE, mountaineering, ski touring, Bicycle touring, skiing, mountaineering, ice climbing, mountain-bike, multihance, water sports, paraplanerizm, climbing, snowboarding, caving, kayaking

To commit to writing the article forced Orgy that is going on in the market of services on organization of commercial climbing and mountain means of tracking. The impression that anyone who is able to carry a backpack and a Bunsen burner ready to act as a mountain guide and drive customers to the mountain. But not the so-called "firms" that stand behind them, nor the visit is not ready to be responsible for anything. And how to protect yourself from it, health and even life, I did not understand, neither the Treaty nor a recommendation, nor regalia guide nothing, as it turned out to be worthless.