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Cut down whether Washington SWIFT?

Latest news / 04.11.2018 at 16:47

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So what? In the opinion of the Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin, the international system of exchange of interbank messages is the most common organization besides private, so she can be introduced to the American sanctions.

This move was the result of ongoing efforts by the White house to further tighten the pressure on Iran. Now the situation has clearly reached an impasse. Legally America pushed all available buttons, and even achieved some success. From participation in the Iranian projects, including the most delicious oil declined not only American, but also a number of large European corporations, in particular, the French Total. However, from the Fifth Republic there is only the pronunciation of the names, whereas the third leading shareholders and 90% of the credit sources - American, which is the Achilles heel, providing Washington with the possibility of sanctions pressure as such.

However, the result achieved was far from absolute. Iranian oil exports to stop completely failed. He, of course, somewhat subsided, however, the banking sector has found a loophole to bypass us restrictions. And judging by the official change of foreign policy positions, inefficiency already involved measures Washington understands.

this effectively means that, even as an important link in the global system of financial settlements, America has lost the ability to control the world through the dollar. It still retains its status as the world reserve currency, but according to the SWIFT report, the proportion of interbank payments in us currency each quarter is reduced. Not so fast, but relentlessly, reducing its size has only to 27%.

this makes It impossible for the blocking of payments on the stage of their passage through the dollar and banks that are under U.S. jurisdiction. Increasingly, it appears that the U.S. financial intelligence transactions only seen on the level of computer databases, but unmanaged and do not reach for the block. And it's very annoying.

the World more openly without the United States. If nothing is done, if not to demonstrate the power capacity, the trend will quickly lead to the transition of the number of individual nadcisnienie in the quality of public disregard of any American pointing shouts. To prevent this is to finally admit that "the king is naked", then immediately to prepare for the massive attempts by opponents to check already on the tooth, what America has lost its force.

the Only way to try to stop the collapse of the reputation of greatness is to threaten the destruction of most of the banking system as a whole. The head of the U.S. Treasury did.

"We've notified SWIFT that the Finance Ministry will not hesitate to use their powers, as necessary, to continue the intensive economic pressure on the Iranian regime, and that the SWIFT may be subject to US sanctions if it is to provide messaging services on financial transactions under [U.S.] sanctions, certain Iranian financial institutions".

In translation into Russian it means something like this. Sanctions announced US, but to follow their technical implementation is now required SWIFT, and if she refuses, the US will impose sanctions against her.

the Fun there are exactly two points. First, the statement is actually an act of desperation, demonstrating the progression of the degree of inadequacy of the conceptions of the American ruling elite about themselves and their real role in the world. Are they still consider themselves center of the Universe, around which revolves all things. In a sense, a quarter of a century ago about the way it was, but since then have changed quite a lot.

secondly, whatever Steven Mnuchin have thought about themselves, the American authorities the technical capacity to block the SWIFT do not have. Even given the wise men from the NSA. Attempt to influence the system of interbank communications as a legal organization would result in the suspension of banking settlements, as today it is used by 11 thousand financial institutions from 200 countries. Such a move by Washington will only hasten their transition to alternatives.

The more that they already have. At least, Russia and China. Moreover, if the Russian system, while not too popular because of not very large size of our share in the world economy, the Chinese situation differs radically. Moreover, in August this year the EU also referred to the beginning of the development of their own system of interbank communications to replace SWIFT. In Moscow sent a notice of style: once the exit on the bottom line, let me know there is a topic to discuss mutually interesting issues.

thus, the United States now again damn near shot his own foot. American hegemony rests not only on the power of its armed forces, first of all, it relies on created by the globalists of the world economic mechanism, the main part of which is a unified system of interbank settlements. Without it, in seven cases out of ten contractors will be much easier and more convenient to pay without the participation of the dollar. Moreover, given the US desire to form their own closed economic cluster, the volume of its foreign trade clearly will fall even more, which means that the dollar will also become less necessary.

in Other words, America is now hand-cuts the financial and banking branch on which it sits. And to disturb her in this, I think not.