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News. Gauguin Solntsev fun without a wife

Women's magazine Kleo.Ru 02.11.2018 at 06:39

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Thrown Gauguin Solntsev, tired of loneliness, decided to arrange a real holiday. The man went to one of the costume parties held on the occasion of the Halloween. Dressed in colorful, bombastic and absolutely nothing to worry about the suit, the sun decided to escape from their sad thoughts and have fun. And for his most loyal fans, he posted in Instagram photo, which depicted happy and smiling. This was accompanied by the laconic caption: "Katie's not here, but the holiday to BE! All years and body burden given their... trick or treat?" - added intrigue Gauguin. View this post in Instagram a Publication from Gauguin Solntsev (@solntcev) 30 Oct 2018 at 3:12 PDT it should be noted that many of his followers rejoiced that he found the strength and got out a little bit. But the majority reacted to this post Solntseva skeptical, insisting that they want fun and continue the show, which Gauguin so brilliantly suited for a couple with Catherine. "Katie's not here, so it is necessary to find a new lady. We're bored, waiting for the continuation of the series", "Gauguin, you want more candid news and continue", "When new series" , "Gauguin, we are really looking forward to continuing the novel, that means there is no Katie???" asked excited users of the social network. And what about the Tereshkovich? Since the scandalous quarrels spouses perpetrated in the Studio of Andrey Malakhov, it is to communicate with the legal husband did not come out. Yearning Ilya (this is the real name of the artist) have repeatedly exhibited jointly with her photo from the archive in the hope that Kate would have to come. But, stubborn woman still holds a pause.

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