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News. Prince William could not forgive mother

Women's magazine Kleo.Ru 02.11.2018 at 08:38

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Diana's Death will not change the relationship of the eldest son to the act and the scandalous statement made many years ago. In 1995, the wife of Prince Charles gave a sensational interview. For the first time in the history of the Royal family, his representative issued a public court dirty linen. Diana talked about the fact that their marriage was always marriage for three persons. She without hesitation told how her unpleasant situation with the secret affair between Charles and Camilla Parker. Media resource Amazon, who filmed a documentary about the brothers William and Harry, told the audience about the reaction of the eldest son in an interview with the mother. According to the filmmakers, William was furious. In the hearts he said that never in my life will not forgive Diana for what she did. Since then has passed more than 20 years, and William had to answer the inconvenient question. Members of the media reminded him of the situation, asked to comment on the reaction that was then, and to tell, has changed his opinion about the conduct of Diana? William responded that still do not understand why it was necessary to reveal family secrets to the media and the public. He agreed that such a situation in the families meet and they are unpleasant for all participants in the events. He does not deny that emotions in this case can be unpredictable, from severe aggression to violent despair, but, according to William, to share in this moment my soul with others is not an option. The Prince is convinced that this door is open, close it back and pretend that nothing had happened, not anymore.

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