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News. The top model in the centre of a racist scandal

Women's magazine Kleo.Ru 02.11.2018 at 08:54

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Bar Refaeli came under the spotlight after her appearance in the Israeli advertising, which many called "racist" and even "Islamophobic". Top model apparently did not expect such a sharp reaction of the audience, because he later removed the video from social networks. Video, the name of which is "Freedom is important" appeared on the page Refaeli Facebook, 33-year-old model appears in the video dressed in a niqab - the garment that is worn by some Muslim women. Then on the screen appears the inscription "here Is Iran?", and Refaeli, Jewish by nationality, rips off the niqab, which reveals a three-color sweatshirt brand Hoodies. The model demonstrates some moves, shakes his head, but this time in the background plays the song with the words "the Main thing is freedom, and only the broken chain will be its price for me." Despite the fact that the model removed the video from social media accounts, including Facebook, it has received a lot of indignant feedback on that is connects the lack of the niqab with freedom. "Bar Refaeli, it was stupid, wrote one of the women. My idea of freedom involves the wearing of the hijab if I want to wear it, I will. And these videos only create Islamophobia." "I believe that freedom is the ability to wear what one wants. This is biased," reads one of the comments. Another lady wrote in Twitter that this is the most racist thing she ever saw, and it is impossible to believe that the company who ordered the advertisement, supported this. There were those who felt that after such a roller Cosmopolitan and Armani should refuse to cooperate with the model, if they do not support statements such as took place in the video. In addition to removing the rollers from social networks, Refaeli did not respond to wave of criticism.

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