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News. Dana Borisova nothing to keep daughter

Women's magazine Kleo.Ru 02.11.2018 at 16:29

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Not too long ago Dana Borisova finally reunited with his daughter Polina. Being able to prove that recovered from alcohol and drug addiction, TV presenter took to the Field with her ex-husband and once again become an exemplary mother. And here according to the laws of genre are meant to be a happy end, because the girl really likes to live with his mother. In This she feels much freer, calmer and more comfortable, why not feel around with his father, Maxim Aksenov. But ordinary difficulties were not long in coming. It turned out that 42-year-old Dana Borisova absolutely nothing to contain the Field. The mother-daughter high enough, plus training costs a lot of money, and a faltering reputation of the presenter does not allow her to earn as much as before. Therefore, the famous blonde decided to rectify the situation with finances in the simplest way - to win money from ex-spouse. To do this, Borisov turned to the lawyer who helped her write the statement of claim, the essence of which is to achieve from Maxim alimony for his daughter. And it should be noted that the law was Given has every right to, because a minor child is currently living with her. Also recall that at the time, and Aksyonov sued the ex-wife, demanding that her alimony for Poly. And I must say, Dana Borisova remembers about it: "I've always lived, she kept the child, saw nothing but the pursuit of child support and other dirt as rehabilitation returned. What can I say?" - outraged the media personality. From this statement it becomes clear that in many ways, this step is caused by The revenge of her ex-husband. But the extra money never hurts. All of their penny star mom is going to spend for needs daughter. Himself Maxim Aksenov reacted to this step, The skeptical and stated that it did not know what she was doing there.

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