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2 opinions. Want your boss-American

Women's magazine Kleo.Ru 04.11.2018 at 21:00

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I Want a man. He is the best on earth. I think the hobby is like a disease. Want to be with him, I want him to have children, want to live, to travel, I want him to cook Breakfast. My problem is that he doesn't notice me and knows that I love him very much. I don't know how I behave. Don't know how to win. He thinks I'm just a colleague at work. He is a successful, beautiful, new head of the United States. Work for us under contract. He is not officially married. There is a child. I also have a child. Divorced. It is very popular. And soon as we arrived – it is a hunting. And I lose, of course, since I'm almost 40 and divorced. His attack girl of 22 years... He's 40. Work over them. They live their lives. Working with him too much. Try to keep yourself in hand. Maybe just sometimes a little blush... What do I do?

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