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Strike - all - popular 05.11.2018 at 11:27 80 years on the Internet


Okazyvaetsya at the end of last month in the gold mines Vekselberg went on strike

On the largest gold Deposit in Kamchatka's "Amethyst" the workers declared a strike. They are demanding higher wages. The leaders threatened mass layoffs, the correspondent of IA REGNUM.

Here you can read the sad chronicle of these events.

As I understand it, the most active and principled strikers just fired, and others by threats and small handouts were forced to resume work.

Other mines as if they were going to support the strike, but never got around to it, in particular, IMHO, because to organize them there was no one at the same "Amethyst" as it so happened that there is no trade Union Committee, trade Union activists have resigned from the company.

the Provincial government pretended that nothing was happening, the media also somehow didn't notice the event, including how would the opposition.

it is Clear that the success of the strikes is real enough without a strong trade Union movement. But this topic will not rise at all.

On KDPW painting Robert Koehler's "Strike" in 1883. The picture illustrates that if people were resolutely determined to defend their rights.

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