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Body like in 20 years (2018) the Video course

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What will you do in the marathon "Body in 20 years"? This is a 7 day program. During this magical week you will do exercises to work out every gland of the endocrine system. Or you can do it faster, working through one lesson after another.

You will get the necessary knowledge about the endocrine system. You follow step-by-step exercises for your recovery and rejuvenation. Each day you will carefully consider, and establish the work of 1-2 of the endocrine glands.

What is the result?

as a result of the marathon will make you feel as in 20 years:

— the Feeling of lightness in the body,

— Smooth gait,

— the Graceful gestures,

— a Great mood,

— Toned face,

— Soft, glowing skin,

— bright eyes,

— Radiant smile,

Singing heart,

— the Belief that everything and anything is possible,

— Igniting optimism,

— the Desire to win the hearts,

Harmony and peace in the soul.

And you feel

— Active ovaries,

— the walking thymus,

— Updated the adrenal glands,

— Peaceful pancreas,

— the Harmonized thyroid,

— Meet the hypophysis and epiphysis.