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Oncologist clinic "Scandinavia" Basil Filimonenko on the BSE, the Nobel prize-2018 and "the position of an ostrich"

News Universiteta ITMO 31.10.2018 at 14:15

News Universiteta ITMO

Breast Cancer is the second most frequent type of malignant tumor in the world. In recent years the disease has become the most common cancer among Russian women: according to statistics, hundreds of cancer patients 21 women with cancer of the breast. To draw attention to the problem of diagnosis and treatment of this disease is called the "Month of fight against breast cancer," which traditionally proclaim the month of October. The first "Pink October" took place over 20 years ago, and today events are joined by hundreds of organizations worldwide. What you need to know about the disease, how to pass diagnosis, why is cancer still so many myths and how to deal with them — we talked to an oncologist clinic "Scandinavia" Basil Filimonenko.