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Lars Ulrich hopes that the band "Metallica" will last at least 20-25 years 05.11.2018 at 15:21

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25 Oct 2018 backstage at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), drummer vocal-instrumental ensemble "Metallica" Lars Ulrich (Lars Ulrich) was interviewed by the correspondent of radio station "93.3 WMMR Rocks!". Below is a small excerpt from the interview.

when Asked how he sees the present and the future of the group, Lars said, "Now, when a famous band to announce his resignation and leave the stage, we, in contrast, feel energetic and young again. I hope it will last another twenty years, or even twenty-five. Not sure how it will look and how it would sound, but we'd like that very much. We do not complain about life and don't think that it's time to retire. Quite the contrary! Everything we do, we do with an eye to the future. In 17 years you look forward for the next five minutes, like — "Hey? Where's our beer?!". Today, of course, our mentality has changed."

Ulrich, who in December will be 55 years old, says he is glad to see the younger generation discovers the work of Metallica and the band's momentum continues to grow. "It's unbelievable, just crazy," said Lars. "At our shows more young people than ever... I even say that it can't. Half of the audience less than 20 years. And the guys and girls at the concerts almost equally. Twenty or thirty years ago, this was not. Surprisingly, rock and hard rock rather progress than regress. This music is liked young people and attracts them more and more. Half of those who come to our shows, see Metallica for the first time. This is great!".

Interview with Lars resonates with the words of the frontman of Metallica James Hetfield (James Hetfield), said in 2015: "Listen, the musicians never retire. They just become less popular. People think you're retired, done with music, but no! I still compose. It is an integral part of me. I believe that's what I was born. And if I stop a part of me will die. So we are not going to retire. Will do its work as long as physically capable."