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3 reasons why entrepreneurs should play Board games

Orlan 04.11.2018 at 20:16


Board games contribute to the strengthening of relations between people.

End of the day. I want to do something, but at the same time, the brain feels overloaded after the execution of complex tasks. It's time to shift focus and do something simple and interesting. Gather the staff, take treasured boxes and immerse yourself in the gameplay. It's not only fun but also useful. Including for your business!

for Example, the game "Creative Agency" will help employees to try a new professional role and — while in the framework of the game is realized in them. Well, if it works out OK, then this experience can be transferred into real life. Or Vice versa, you will understand why your colleagues behave like this and stop to complain about them.

in addition, these games help employees to see themselves and their colleagues on the other hand, to notice strengths and to help them implement the work.

the New ideas

Any new information helps us to come up with original ideas. And Board games are a great way to improve the current situation or come up with a new project. Especially if the game is aimed at the development of "pridumivali".

for Example, the game "a brilliant Idea" teaches you to come up with new ideas for development of the product, or even to run the company. At the same time, card games help to understand the main points of the launch of a new product, its packaging, promotion and sales. So you can play both on abstract examples, and use the game to improve current properties of your project.

wholesome entertainment

Well, in the end, Board games are a great way to relax. No matter what you do in a day, you'll be pleased to spend an hour or two on the game. And as you know, this format involves a combination of fun and profit.

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