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Express repair from the Pope

Pectrum 05.11.2018 at 09:09

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One day I went to visit my parents and my father noticed that on of my favorite watches, cracked glass. I told him honestly that I go with a crack for a month, no time to fix it. He offered me help, said I would take the watch to a good friend, that quickly will fix it. I removed the watch and gave it to dad. And forgot about them.

Dad came back ten minutes later and handed the watch. No cracks on them! The glass was completely whole, I checked it out in person. I looked at father with a questioning look — it's not magic is it? The father replied, shrugging thus shoulders:

— Yes I am your "crack" cloth otter.

So stupid and messy I haven't felt. Dad spent the whole evening looking at me with a smile — they say, raised a pig. But they are well saved.