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80% of Russians were incompetent 02.11.2018 at 12:32

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Boston Consulting Group published the results of a study of the population of Russia. As it turned out, over 80% of the population of Russia do not have the necessary skills and knowledge to work in modern markets.

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BCG Analysts say that the structure of employment in Russia is still similar to the Soviet Union and corresponds to the level of resource colony. So, 35% of the population is engaged in low-skilled jobs, including the basic physical labor with repetitive model or a manual task.

the Most common occupations were driver (7,1%) (6.8%) and guard (1.9 per cent). The share of these three professions continues to grow in the last 15 years.

Only 17% of the population is employed in high-skilled occupations, including intellectual work, creative and non-routine tasks. This figure is one and a half times lower than in USA and Japan are 1.7 times less in comparison with Germany, 2 in comparison with Singapore and 2.6 times in comparison with the UK.

According to analysts ' estimates, the shortage of qualified personnel is 10 million by 2025, many experts not enough for the development of the economy and its transition to the new way behind the developed world. In this modern system of education prepares mostly clerks and performers-managers, while not enough scientific workers, managers and engineers. At the same time, Russia has not created the conditions for realization of talents and abilities.

the study involved companies from 22 industries employing more than 3.5 million people.