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Discussing weird thing happened in Scotland

NEWS PLANET 05.11.2018 at 17:23

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A Strange sight was seen by the resident of the Scottish town of Livingston Mattie Bestwick. A thirty-year man was driving with eight-year-old son, suddenly saw sandwiched between the pillars of the car: the car made the pillars to bend. Matty asked Ryan (the name of the son) to capture what he saw on the camera phone.

delineators literally flattened a Toyota. No one can explain how the car got into the trap. It is unlikely that someone would be parked as shown in the video.

the Picture is contradicted not only the laws of physics, but the laws of common sense. Netizens, after seeing the unique shots, began to put forward various theories. So, the car could lose from the tap, but local people have not seen this trick and didn't hear the roar.

it is known that the car is the property of the pensioner, who cannot explain the strange Parking. Maybe the car has been teleported from a parallel world. Perhaps the truth we will never know, as these stories seldom have an ending with common sense.

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