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Not Bigfoot, not the water

News of cryptozoology 06.11.2018 at 07:19

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In the forest and the lake district just has to be your snow man. Russian researchers of so-called Yeti decided to test this hypothesis in 1990. Their trip is described in the book Valentine Salunova "Secrets of the Snow man: between man and beast." A group of five people came to the lake Vedlozero. Here, the stories of ufologists, in 1928, dropped a large unidentified object, after which the lake began to appear hairy people.

Here's what in those years, said 72-year-old resident of the village of Vedlozero Fedor Petrovich Egorov about the strange creatures, resembling water.

— I am no longer a young man, I would like to have time to tell you learned people about what I saw. Maybe it has value for science. I swam across the lake by boat in the summer of 1934, suddenly saw the stone creature. Kind of like people — and not people. Height — five feet, a round head with no neck, long hair, brown body, arms and legs are long and white. You see, waving his arms, kind of like her long hair brushing. I swam closer, it dived into the water and was seen no more. I got a good look at. What could be seal hands and feet?

the St. Petersburg researchers who came to Karelia, also learned that in the spring of 1990, the pensioner from Yarn V. Oparin Pryazha on the shore of the lake was met by a huge light-gray figure, like a man, but all in the hair. Guests from the Northern capital concluded that in our region the Yeti came from Leningrad region, where it was observed until March.

— How can we explain these stories? Attribute it to the imagination of uneducated people we can not. None of the witnesses was not impressed visionaries. The coincidence of testimony given by independent witnesses, nor can be random — written by the author of the book "Secrets of the Snow man: between man and sviram".