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Headsets at Cooler Master MH751 and MH752 used 40-mm emitters fresh news all the sections together 06.11.2018 at 15:58 ( — specialized Russian information-analytical server, covering the hardware of personal computers, communications and servers, 3D graphics and audio, digital photo and video, Hi-Fi equipment and projectors, mobile phones and peripherals, gaming applications and more.

Cooler Master introduced two models of gaming headsets — MH751 and MH752. In their description manufacturer emit high sound quality and low weight, allowing you to comfortably wear the headset for hours.

the Headset very similar to each other. MH752 difference is the presence of a digital to analog Converter connected to USB and allow you to get virtual 7.1 surround sound. Both models use 40-millimeter emitters and leatherette ear cushions. The microphone on the stem is made detachable, and the cable to connect to the source. Bowls rotate for more compact transportation. By the way, soft case for storage and transportation included.

the Headset MH751 and MH752 will be available in mid-November at a price of 80 and 100 euros respectively.