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Delivery of diesel fuel in Lukino-Dulevo

Bulletin Board Fast-Doska RSSFeed 06.11.2018 at 20:08

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"Neftegazlogistika" offers diesel fuel of EURO-5 and EURO-3 with delivery in Lukino-Dulevo, small and large wholesale, delivery within 3 hours.

Guaranteed quality of oil products according to GOST, for imported and domestic boilers and appliances. For sale is a: • DHA – an analogue of 2 Euros. At the price of 40,4 RUB/l. • Class – an analogue of the Euro 3. At a price of 41.4 rubles./l. • Grade C - 5 Euros. At a price of 42.4. a/L. • Class F Euro 5. At a price of 43.4 per RUB./l. Each batch we check in our own laboratory, provide the certificate of quality. Prompt delivery own fleet of trucks. Deliver diesel fuel to autos, buildings, houses, factories, boiler rooms, to individuals for home heating. Delivery is made at any time, urgent delivery to the object..