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New maps for the fourth season of 2018.

StarCraft® II 06.11.2018 at 19:30

The Third season is coming to an end and that means it's time to choose new cards for the next season! In the list of the fourth season of StarCraft II will be the "Acid plant", "Dreamcatcher", "lost and found" and "Split". The following is a new map for team games and 1x1 mode.


On this map you are to close with the enemy in an abandoned wing of the "Rewarder". The territory is small, but there is something to be overcome: the map contains the observation tower, the base with rich fields and a hidden passage connecting the main base.

On this map the main bases of both opponents relatively easily accessible to air units, but more are better protected.

Be prepared for severe and early onset: in this map the distance between bases is reduced to the limit. In addition, between the bases there are additional routes, and the lack of observation towers makes it difficult to investigate.

Large map with a complex macro. The main base parts a considerable distance, although the starting positions of the opponents are vulnerable to air attack: military units can slip around the edge of the map.


Large map with a complex macro. Allies work together to protect one wide passage. Additional to nearby bases leads by two narrow passages that divide the stream of military units and allow for diversity in the development process. Aggressive players can equip a third additional base in areas with rich deposits.


Each team has one main base, near which there is space for one extra with a slope for protection. Passages and additional base is almost the same as on classic maps to play 1v1, and in every corner of the map is a tower of the Xel'naga.


the Main bases of both pairs of the allies are connected by a rear passage that allows you to quickly send each other reinforcements. Bases come in a single area, offering two narrow passages. Two potential third base nearby, but for further development, players will have to make forays to the edges map.

the Final list of cards for the game in the 4th season 2018

the Blue shift of the landing Zone RV RV blue cliffs Station Kairos RV RV RV Automaton Port Alexander RV RV Stasis

Maps of 4 season available for testing in the "custom game", so don't miss your chance to work out tactics and strategies in anticipation of the new season, which will begin on November 20. Good luck!