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"Warranty won't help": the defect LADA Vesta at 6 thousand kilometers was told by the owner

MComp 07.11.2018 at 17:59

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The sedan LADA Vesta, who had a total of 6 300 km, was discovered a serious defect: the car has a cracked transmission housing. Despite the minimal mileage some Internet users questioned the fact that the car will be repaired under warranty.

the owner of the LADA Vesta sedan with a 1.6-mirovym 106-horsepower engine showed a video of the crack on the transmission housing. The video was posted on a social network "Vkontakte", where he discussed other motorists. Many of them spoke about the reasons which could cause this defect, and also gave advice to the owner of the problematic of "Lada Vesta".

"Hit somewhere, if not beat, then marriage," "Marriage, everything will be fixed", "warranty contact", write the commentators in the community for fans of the model LADA Vesta.

However, those who have seen the movie, not everyone thinks this case is a warranty. One commentator is confident that the warranty will not help: "got a finger differential, warranty may be denied. A lot polished".

it Should be noted that transmission, which "AVTOVAZ" equips the models, unfortunately, cause a lot of complaints from drivers ranging from the infamous "howling" to the more serious problems like cracked.

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