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MComp 07.11.2018 at 20:22

News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

Today many people are very tired of daily routine and sometimes just forget how to enjoy life, to rejoice to the rhythm of dance and fun. All who wish to obtain inner freedom and to get acquainted with the world of dance in the Swing style, cozy and modern Studio apartment Here everyone will find their own rhythm and style of movement, because the Swing allows you to better know your body and its capabilities in plastics. Through dance you can Express your emotions and free yourself from the inner clips and muscle shells. This dance, like reveal all the most secret and long hidden talents with the help of smooth and sometimes very rhythmical movements.

the history of this style of dance began in ancient 1930s, many still believe that he has African-American roots and that is why it so successfully combines rhythm and grace, smoothness and drive. In this dance the man starts the movement to all parts of his body, arms, legs, torso and head, everything is in the rhythm of the music. On the basis of this style was created the other direction in dance, the most popular still is a West coast and East coast.

the interpretation of the styles of today allows modern man to dance this dance not only in ballroom, but by any, suitable for this activities, it can be party, wedding, birthday or corporate party, or maybe just stay at the bar.

Swing in the style of "East coast" is more rhythmic and complicated dance, it allows you to combine the vigor, grace, rhythm and passion.

a Slightly different pace and rhythm inherent in the style of "West coast", it has a smooth and quiet movement, it is often described sluggish pace, alternating. It is possible to experiment and improvise to any kind of music.

the Studio DANCING invites everyone to master this kind of dance,, lessons and feel the power and ease that gives the Swing people. In this Studio taught not only the dance, but many others, is an opportunity to learn all of them gradually. The dance Studio is more than a dance school, it is a club of friends and lovers of music and dance.

On the website of the Studio provided all the contacts and the address where it is located. If you want, you can call and schedule your lesson, it is also worth not to forget to bring comfortable shoes and clothes and a good mood!