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High-quality Zirconia crowns

MComp 07.11.2018 at 20:56

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Who does not dream about a beautiful and dazzling smile? Yes, perhaps everyone. Unfortunately, not all can afford, because either way, almost every one of us have any problems with your teeth. It should be remembered that it is better to carry out prevention and in time to see a specialist, than to expose yourself to more global issues when your tooth can not be saved. With the development of medicine, and in particular, dental practice, made possible a lot.

Our clinic "ECONOMSTOM" is in step with the times and applies in his practice the latest innovations, technologies in treatment and saving teeth. In extremely severe cases, when tooth tissue has been destroyed and with it nothing can be done, applied prosthetics. This is a great solution that will greatly facilitate your life and will not cause negative emotions.

we offer our patients set Zirconia crowns. Dioxide zirconium is the best material, high quality, resistant to various influences, does not contain metal and does not corrode. Looks no different from other teeth, which is a huge plus not only functional, but aesthetic.

Clinic "ECONOMSTOM" working with zirconium crowns for a long time, has his suppliers, his laboratory, and it means the process of prosthetics will not than be more difficult. Taking an impression, using a computer model developed crowns, then proceed to manufacturing process. Already made a variant of zirconium crowns to apply ceramic coating with the best color for you. And all you can proceed to the installation. The reliability of the socks you can be sure, since the processing is carried out not only outside but inside. On our site you can familiarize yourself with information and see photos of zirconium crowns.

This kind of prosthesis is suitable for almost all, except if you have a very deep bite, bruxism, and the low height of the teeth. Everything looks individually. Prices on Zirconia crowns are not cheap, but neither are worth it, you can see for yourself.

Why choose our clinic "ECONOMSTOM"? We employ only professionals with extensive experience. To each patient to find the approach and offer different solutions to their problems. Available valuable you will surely appreciate. Have modern equipment and use in his practice the latest technologies.

If you want not only a beautiful smile, but healthy teeth, welcome to contact us.