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Google blames the leak of documents from Google Docs users

IGeek — news of high technologies 07.11.2018 at 22:23

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American company commented on the situation with getting into the results retrieval system "Yandex" in their submissions.

Experts Google assured that the leakage fault of the users of Google Docs who choose appropriate privacy settings.

Earlier members drew attention to the fact that in search of "Yandex" they have the files on Google Docs, which is not protected by any privacy settings. It concerns also and important documents with passwords and other important information.

the statement Google about this company refuses to take responsibility and claims that the vault is still working correctly, and the situation arose primarily because of the settings that define the users themselves. Search engines, according to specialists, the index only those documents which their owners have made public.

it will be recalled that on 5 July, several large communities on Twitter and Telegram stated that the search engine "Yandex" displays documents from Google Docs, which has never happened before. Search other people's documents were available for about an hour.

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