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The third-grader was burned alive homeless, his mother was fined 100 rubles

Only crocodiles will save this country from assholes! 07.11.2018 at 14:56

Only crocodiles will save this country from assholes! -

14 Oct nine-year-old boy from the city of Chaykovskiy in the Perm region together with his friend burned alive 38-year-old homeless man. 7 November in the Prosecutor's office said that his mother was fined 100 roubles for inadequate execution of parental responsibilities.

As reported the Prosecutor Tchaikovsky Egor Shmyrin, the boy brought up in incomplete family, but on account of the family was not involved.

In respect of the mother made the report under article "Improper performance of parental duties", — reported Egor Shmyrin. — We review and legal assessment of school staff where a child learns, their work on prevention of offenses among students.

according to the Prosecutor, two teenagers out of curiosity, threw in the sleeping man burning paper. At a homeless lit up the upper garment, he suffered serious burns and died. This information is checked now by investigators.

the Body of a man with severe burns found at the entrance to the basement of an apartment building on Sosnovskaya street after the fire. The investigative Committee opened a criminal case of murder.

the Boy raised by single mother, father is on business a few years ago he moved to the capital, and stayed there. The kid growing up in General is quite sensible: in school I studied well, attended additional sections. That day Maxim [name changed] was walking with his friend. According to eyewitnesses, the boys played with a can of gasoline.

Now the version with gasoline checked by the investigators. The Maxim interrogation told that he and a friend were just having fun: they burned the paper and threw it under the stairs where the homeless slept. The kid wanted a burning paper fell on a person. It was interesting to see what happens. Clothes man broke, but to extinguish it, he couldn't. To help the poor rushed to the inhabitants of the house, the wife of Andrei and Irina called firefighters and tried to extinguish the flames. Within the hour, the couple tried to cope with the fire, but by the time of arrival of firefighters and medics, Vadim already burned to death.

— I never thought that would happen! — cried during the interrogation, the investigator, a third-grader. — I was just curious to see what would happen.

"", November 6,

Vadim, as his brother according to the documents, no not the homeless. They have a mom who lives in a comfortable apartment, where they both spelled out. But Vadim, and his older brother were big fans to drink. They often stayed the night with friends, but more often in the heat or in the basement.

the brothers have not had the chance to get in trouble that could cost them their lives. So Vadim was already on the verge of death when a drunken brawl was stabbed.

the Doctors tried to save him, he pulled through, but unfortunately, he continued to live the same life, — says the head of the volunteer movement to help the homeless the "Chance to survive" Alexey Shishkin.

To a charitable organization Vadim and his brother periodically received assistance — clothing and hot meals, but to change your life for the better somehow, didn't.

"", October 31,