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Money is evil – Money – welcome

The Commonwealth 05.11.2018 at 07:55

Forum Solium (Solium). Spiritual and cultural creative community. Unifying ideological project of the new time. Comfortable world for conscious people.

"Money is evil!" – this expression is familiar to all of us. But someone said that "Money is good". They say that money is "the blood of the economy", "the means of enslavement", "empowerment", etc.

I Suggest you look closely at money (paper money) and tell what you see and not what you know. Throw from your mind all the accumulated information in the form of judgments and beliefs, what you were taught and spoke about money, and just look at what actually exists outside your mind.

of Course, observing the obvious, you say: "Money is paper, which depicts a figure". And that's really what sensible man, able to see the obvious. Those who talk about money something else- actually see what's in their mind, but not what is before their eyes.

And what each of us needs paper? We never have enough paper? So most people want to earn the paper and are ready to do everything to have these pre-cut and painted paper?

No, people don't want paper (money). People need goods and services that you can buy for the money (paper) is what contributes to their survival. But people keep the focus on the money (paper), and say that they need the money, and put the money (paper) in the first place, giving them the importance and value (make them cause although they are the result). Of course, some benefit to offset the importance and make the reason for money, so how then can people give paper and take land and other tangible assets.

shift the attention from cause to consequence leads to a revolution of values, then begins the pursuit of a result that creates a lot of problems, which, in turn, create the human mind (neural networks) emotional stress on the concept of "money" that ultimately leads to the emergence of different kinds of units such as "money is evil", "money is dirty", etc. Having the same setup it is hard for someone to have money, because subconsciously they are evil, bringer of suffering. The circle closes – we want money in order to purchase for them goods or services, but subconsciously they do not need to have because they bring a lot of suffering. On the other hand, those who have them and idolize money, believing them to be "good", "the blood of the economy", "carrying the joy and possibility", etc., also fall into the trap of their mental judgments and also prone to negative influence.

the people caught in the trap of his harsh judgments about money, sooner or later take place the following sequential States:

1. The desire to have, turning into greed.

2. Greed turning into available.

3. The presence of turning into avarice.

4. Greed turning into waste.

5. Extravagance leads to loss of money.

6. The lack of money, turning into a desire to have them.

If display this sequence in the picture, you get a "the Wheel of samsara for money"

Hitting "the Wheel of samsara for money", the man doomed to constant walking in a circle. And create these circles in the first judgment of a person about money, and the basis of circle is a duality (contrast) "Absence – Presence".

the Duality (antithesis) is the Foundation of life. All life consists of opposites: "Life-Death", "Man-Woman", "Warm-Cold", "Good-Slow", etc. Not realizing how the pattern of duality in conjunction with your beliefs, acquired in the process of life leads to the appearance of the wheel of samsara in different areas of human life.

In this article I will not dwell on the method that you need to do to have more money. It is sufficient to understand the figure, which shows three, fact and sequence – Source-Cause-effect to understand how to earn more money.

I would like to point out how to get out of "the wheel of samsara for money", and getting this knowledge to apply it to the output of the other wheel of samsara.

first of all need to understand that money (paper) is created in order to make the exchange of ones goods and services for other goods and services. Therefore, values are not the money (paper), and the fact that you can buy them for FOR SURVIVAL (in a broader sense than only necessary for existence). Therefore, to chase the money (paper) is complete nonsense, and accumulate them in countless numbers.

the Second. It is important to understand the rule: "the Cause produces the effect". And the most important are:

1. Source

2. the one who calls himself "I",

3. and personal purpose,

For those who want to exit the wheel of samsara (any), you must:

1. to understand the Source,

2. be aware of Yourself,

3. remember their sole Purpose,

4. to hold a register of judgments about its Goals.

by following these four points and having cleaned your base of past experience from unnecessary events and opinions, you will be able to go for their Goals using the duality of the "Absence-Presence" as a resource and tool in achieving your Goal.

For those who want to continue in the wheel of samsara for money, you must adhere to the understanding that money is only a symbol of products and services necessary for survival. You will constantly be in duality "Absence-Presence" with all the ensuing consequences. Those who do not pay the required money for a quality product or service – it's the people who lower your vyzhivaemosti, and, consequently, want your death. Those who cheat on the money – it's the people who lower your vyzhivaemosti, and, consequently, want your death. Those who steal your money – it's the people who lower your vyzhivaemosti, and, consequently, want your death. You decide what to do with it.

in order to use money as a resource or tool, and thus less involved in the wheel of samsara for money, the exchange must be performed with an excess, i.e. buying your product or service needs to get more than expected. Only in this case the buyer does not just want to come to you again, which will lead eventually to the appearance you have a large number of regular customers, but also between the two of you formed a negative Association and its consequences (karma). Forms of exchange are given in the table below:

it is Important to understand that the exchange takes place not only in the store but at work (when the employee receives a salary), and state (when a citizen for their stay on the territory of the state receive protection and opportunities), and family (when his spouse for the attention and care they want to receive the same attention and care). As soon as the exchange is criminal in form (often disguised under the alleged fair sharing), we see around us frustrated, angry and ready to destroy people.

Let's summarize.

1. Shift the focus from money to goods and services necessary for your survival. If this is not done, all your life you're chasing paper, which is essentially worthless.

2. Get money by sharing the product. In other words, in order to have the money necessary to make something useful for others, who have money.

3. Make the exchange with the excess, since such an exchange does not involve you in the wheel of samsara.

4. Be careful what plants (thoughts) you create about money, production, and products, as having negative attitudes, you will be subconsciously running away from money and the production of the product.

5. Be aware of the Source of who you are and what is your personal goal, because only this allows you to exit the wheel of samsara for money, and use them as a tool and resource for achieving personal goals.



Balykin Alexandr Ivanovich

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