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Pregnancy and career 03.11.2018 at 15:00

Planning for pregnancy, birth, parenting and child development

Career Development does not necessarily have to be the main priority when you are pregnant. You, of course, worried and at the same time are very happy about your situation, but the status of your role in the work that existed before pregnancy plays a big role in determining your financial stability, which should be even stronger after the new family member.

Pregnancy is definitely possible along with career and work. There are many women who even go to the offices until the last trimester, and then to go to the hospital. However, many factors such as health status, complications and rest it is recommended to consider when you decide to have a career while pregnant.

Here are a few important tips that will help you maintain a career along with her pregnancy and even after childbirth

Your mental self-education

the Mind is a temple, in which you can create an atmosphere where you want to live. You need to be sure of your health, and the ability to work. You will need to motivate yourself, so you can analyze short-term priorities.

Keep physical health

If you are not in his best physical form, you just can't combine work and pregnancy. In 90% of cases, pregnancy causes such problems such as morning sickness, problems with blood pressure and other complications. You will have to deal with all these symptoms and yet be ready to work. Thus, take all measures to stay physically healthy.

avoid stress

In the workplace obviously will be the goal, competition, problem and organizational requirements. It is exceptionally important moments and situations. During pregnancy, the first priority is your child. Therefore, should not be too close to the heart of make comments your boss about deadlines, etc. the Best step would be to inform your colleagues about your physical condition in order to avoid emotional problems.

Work at home

Many companies offer expectant mothers the opportunity to work at home, so they can spend their precious months in the care of the child and to stay connected with their work. If your company welcomes the option of your employment during your pregnancy, then you would be better to choose work at home and to perform various tasks remotely. For example, to consult, to write articles or to perform the task of data entry.

No whining!

It was your voluntary choice to continue working during pregnancy, so don't whine when you're tired at work, very common. Keep up with healthy eating habits, organize themselves for walks during breaks, try to always be in a good mood and keep your medications on hand to quickly deal with nausea or heartburn.

Go quietly

the Main reason why doctors do not recommend exercising during pregnancy is stress when driving to work. If you need to regularly travel to office by public transport, the pregnancy may be at risk!

These tips are more than enough to keep your pregnancy and not lose the workplace. However, the General advice and recommendation can give you only your doctor. If your health allows you to continue working, do it without harm to yourself and your child.