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09.11.2018 00:02 : media: For provocations against many media, including DDoS-attacks on the "Echo", MK and "Rain", is a media Empire Prigogine

News | Moscow Echo 08.11.2018 at 21:02

News on the echo of Moscow

One of the closest in the past fellow Eugene Prigogine said "the New newspaper" about how the subordinates of the businessman organized various provocations against the media.

the New spoke with Andrey Mikhailov, who founded mediametrie Prigogine. The interlocutor of the edition told how in the spring of ' 13 on the instructions of the businessman conducted a large-scale ddos attacks on websites of Novaya Gazeta, Echo, Rain, Forbes, Fontanka. This at a cost of 5-7 million rubles, said Mikhailov. He personally organized a provocation to the dismissal of the chief editor of RIA Svetlana Mironyuk. People Mikhailova placed there for the money information, which is not true. Quote: "the newsman simply duped, and then through a third person he handed the money allegedly for posting news, everything is hidden was written on the video." Of the work performed reported to Prigogine. In the end, Mironyuk at the end of the 13th year was removed from the post of editor-in-chief. Additionally, people close to the businessman according to Mikhailov did staged videos of cockroaches in hospitals of the Samara with the aim to win all the tenders for the supply of food. Then Prigogine took them to the right person and got the contracts, explained Mikhailov. On the question of financing the various actions he said that if Prigogine agreed with the script or he gave cash or put a stamp Agreed and the funds were given to the accounting Department.

last month, Novaya Gazeta published an investigation, in which he told about the activities of the structures of Eugene Prigogine. A former employee of the businessman Valery Amelchenko stated associated with entrepreneur people can be implicated in several poisonings and killings, as well as testing combat poisons in Syria.