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Colors that make you look older 09.11.2018 at 05:54

I'm often asked: what colors are young and some old? This is especially of concern to women of elegant age.

Today, consider colors that add years.

Dusty shades with a large share of grey

Gray, in particular, dirty-grey, emphasizes all the nuances of age, skin looks like a pale mole. It washes away all the brightness from the skin. Dusty and dirty shades make the skin dull.

the Exception may be very light shades of gray, and pearl gray.

the Black color makes the adjacent shade brighter. That is why the black background all the nuances of the skin become visible: creates a black background, and the skin becomes accent. In the result come up all the minor imperfections: wrinkles, spots.

Dark colors

This is all basic shades, the darkest from the palette. For example, dark blue, dark brown, dark green.

the Dark color adds age.

On a photo set based on dark colors. The way it's rather sad.

If you use dark colors in your wardrobe, dilute them with bright details and accessories. Bright scarf to match the shoes, a bright bag and the image does not look dark, refreshing and youthful appearance, as in the photo below.

the following article will show the colors that young.

Author: Catherine malerova

the Image-maker, Creator of training on image and style, the author of the website Glamurnenjko. Since 2007, more than 500 customers went with me shopping as well. More than 5,000 people passed trainings and seminars on image and style.

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