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Beet diet for weight loss: pros and cons

Infant 31.10.2018 at 21:55

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Vegetable diets are among the most effective and gentle among the possible formulations. They give noticeable results in a short time and at reasonable application practically does not harm the body. This article will discuss the benefits and contraindications beet diet products, recommended for use in this diet, menus at different times of passage and rules out of the diet.

Beet diet is a mono-diet in which the basis of the diet for a certain period is only the beets raw, boiled or roasted, and the juice from it. Other products are not used or included in the menu in limited quantities.

Dignity Because beets are a vegetable widely distributed in the middle latitudes, this diet is considered one of the most affordable among the vegetable. It has anti-inflammatory, diuretic, relieves diseases of the urinary system. Normalizes the menstrual cycle, strengthens uterine epithelium. Thanks to the over laxative and anesthetic action of this product restores the intestines with chronic diseases. Reduces symptoms of hemorrhoids, in some cases completely eliminates it. Stimulates metabolism, lipid metabolism, normalizes water-salt metabolism, reduces swelling. Due to the high content of potassium tones the cardiovascular system. Strengthens the thyroid gland and protects it from adverse environmental influences and returns to normal size. Increases endurance and human performance. Low-calorie beets and high content of fiber provide quick getting rid of excess weight.

Contraindications and side effects Despite the obvious benefits, this diet is not for all women. Due to the fact that it is based on a single vegetable — the beet, its effect may be negative in the presence of a number of ailments: it is not recommended to follow beet diet for hypotension and arrhythmias; it is contraindicated for those who suffer from heartburn, hyperacidity; people with urolithiasis and disorders of the kidneys to lose weight this way it is forbidden; because the acids included in the composition of vegetables, reduce the absorption of calcium, you should not use it for osteoporosis; high content of sugar making the beet diet is not available for people with diabetes; because it has a laxative effect and stimulates peristalsis, people with chronic illness should refrain from this diet.

How much can throw off the timing of this diet is limited because of its severity. The number of kilograms, which can be removed is determined by the number of days spent on the diet. A single fasting day for this vegetable helps to get rid of 1.5 kg of excess weight. 3-day beet diet promotes the discharge of 2-2,5 kg of excess weight. Week diet get rid of 5 kg, but to adhere to dietary diet during this period can be very difficult.