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News. Rudeness Allegrova angered fans

Women's magazine Kleo.Ru 08.11.2018 at 07:03

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Several concerts in Russia Irina Allegrova organizers canceled. Viewers do not want to buy tickets while the singer herself is less than 500 thousand rubles, refusing to speak. Interestingly, Irina concerts were scheduled in the Belgorod and Orel in the beginning of this year, but organizers had to reschedule. Demand for tickets was too low and it became clear that the originally stated area artist to collect will not. Performances suffered, choosing a smaller one. The audience bought only a third of the tickets. Users on the network explained why the once popular actress ceased to enjoy the favor of the audience. As it turned out, on her concerts she sings under the track, and behaves rudely towards fans. Irina refuses to accept the bouquets herself. This involved the assistants of the artist. She also does not tolerate when a sound requests to perform songs by the public. Too active fans and those who allow themselves to go under the stage during performances, it precipitates dramatically and publicly. No, the singer and new hits. All songs of recent years, according to the audience, not bright and not interesting. Leaves it solely due to the achievements of the past.

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